Anti Coffee ?

Paris is not the only place that offers innovative and haute couture fashion. It is also a place for new concepts and ideas to bring people together. Our latest discovery is this idea… Continue reading

Immortal Winners!

Photos: noirtribe

Immortal CONTEST

Immortal Game, our latest online fashion project and collaboration with the New York based movie production house, Noir Tribe Media, is due to release any time soon this month. In the meantime, we are… Continue reading


It is a fascinating discovery that, Victor Hugo, one of France’s greatest poets, was also a believer of spiritualism and mediums. In 1853, the “talking tables” became one of the principal hobbies of… Continue reading

BL 1969

Contemporary art is not just art, it’s a statement that can also be used to address personal, political and social issues . And in the world of the French artist Bertrand Lavier, there is… Continue reading

The Magic behind Photos

Thanks to the modern technology, an image can be created with a simple click by any one of us today. That magic of capturing an image has slowly been forgotten.  Now here is… Continue reading


Conceptual and media art have been popularized today thanks to one of the Spanish pioneers Antoni Muntadas. Four decades of actions, video, photography, multi-media installations, publications, public art, internet and radio addressing social… Continue reading

50 Shades of Grey

Winter Flowers

The Parisian Eugene Delacroix museum is currently hosting an exhibition entitled “Des fleurs en hiver (Winter Flowers)” to celebrate the renovation of its garden. Two contemporary artists, Jean-Michel Othoniel and Johan Creten, are… Continue reading


Who’s Linder? If you don’t know her, this is a rare chance to discover four decades of practice of this British artist with depth and diversity. What makes her work interesting is it… Continue reading

The Art of Luxury Jewels

Legendary French jewelry house of Van Cleef & Arpels, is currently showcasing four hundreds of its most famous masterpieces that brought them to fame since 1906 at the Art Décoratifs museum of Paris.… Continue reading

Bonne Année

                                                        from the CLIFFLEE team

Dreaming of Monuments

The Conciergerie museum, one of the biggest Gothic halls in France, is now sharing some of the wildest dreams and imaginations of monuments from builders and artists in their latest exhibition entitled “Rêve… Continue reading

Birth of Gravity

Gravity, the force that attracts a body toward the centre of the earth, or toward any physical body having mass. And what attracts the gallery to show the work of the Japanese artist… Continue reading

Linear Dialogue

Many things that surround us are all made up of straight lines that create the space and our perspectives. That is the inspiration behind the last but first solo exhibition of the Korean… Continue reading


Piaffe is a movement performed in classical riding in which the horse executes an elevated trot without moving forward. That is exactly the gesture the Japanese artist Adoka Niitsu is imitating in her… Continue reading


The word GOD probably means different things to different people. For spiritual believers, the word certainly plays a significant part in their lives. Now here is an exhibition entitled “Dieu(x), Modes d’emploi (God(s),… Continue reading

Body Language

What makes each of us unique is not only our physical appearance, but also the language that we speak through our body, perceived by others. And now this language is captured by Swiss… Continue reading

Fashioning Fashion

Fashion has been part of our French and European histories for over two centuries now and it has definitely influenced our society in many ways during the last two hundred years. The exhibition… Continue reading

Carrousel Art

Art is everywhere and we the French certainly are passionate about art since an early age. The annex Le Carrousel of the world famous museum Le Louvre is hosting its 7th edition of… Continue reading

Me Robot

Robots are everywhere in our lives today, whether we like it or not. They might not be in the forms we normally see on television but they certain have changed our lives since… Continue reading

Dalí World

Earlier this year we presented to you the Dalí Space in Paris with original paintings given to his old friend Enrique Sabater (see that post here). And now he is back even bigger than… Continue reading

Electric World

Electricity, one of the life essentials for us today, has becomes just as important as water to keep us going, in a certain way. With the recent power outage caused by the Hurricane… Continue reading

garage SALE

The most Parisian of the Japanese brand Comme des Garçons is having their rare annual SALE entitled “Clothes Not Cars” in the City of Light at the end of this week. In case that… Continue reading

are you a PARISIENNE

Parisienne, is our French word for describing a Parisian woman. So just what makes a woman more parisienne than others? That’s what the photographer Baudouin is investigating for us with his latest book… Continue reading

Vision and Sound

Vision and sound usually go together and we are often in search of new visuals and sounds that might help to arouse our inner joy (or sadness) through different experiments. And that is… Continue reading

Daido’s photo memoir

Photos are the traces of lighting and of memory; a memory with histories in a lighting of myth. That is how the Japanese photographer Daido Moriyama has been approaching his subjects and redefining the… Continue reading

Laughing with YUE

We often heard that “Laughter is the Best Medicine in the World.” And perhaps it is what inspires the Chinese artist Yue Minjun in his signature and iconic laughing characters in his paintings.… Continue reading

Haven’t you met Elliott ?

In case you haven’t met Elliott, one of the most famous American photographers of the 20th century, is currently being honored here in Paris. Grew up in Italy, German and France, the young… Continue reading

SEX beasts

Sex is often a touchy subject to many but that is about to change with the Parisian discovery museum Palais de la Découverte. Through the exhibition “Bêtes de Sex (Sex Beasts in French),” it aims to… Continue reading

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